3 Color LED Therapy Mask

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Enjoy firmer, younger, bouncier skin and reduce your wrinkles and fine lines.
This new generation LED facial mask gives you everything you need to treat and improve your skin.
Use it for only 15-20 minutes a day to smoothen your skin and increase elasticity. Unlike a regular LED facial mask, this new generation mask is extremely light to wear ( like wearing a pair of glasses), and distributes the LED light evenly to your nose, lips, and the rest of your face.
Essential skin treatment at the comfort of your home.
Blue Light: reduces acne and inflammation. It kills acne bacteria and calms sensitive skin.
Red Light stimulates the production of collagen, reducing roughness, dark spots, fine lines, and pores, improving overall skin tone and bounciness.
Yellow Light tightens your skin. It restores the balance of sensitive skin, decreases puffiness, and improves skin texture and color, amazing for anti-aging.
This new generation LED facial mask has a modern and extremely light-weight design. At only about 75g, it feels like wearing a pair of glasses. The stream-lined LED strips distribute light evenly to your entire face for the best results. Simply plug it into your cellphone or computer to enjoy the perfect spa-at-home treatment. Touch a button to choose your favorite treatment. It’s that simple.